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Torrent Hash1:5CCE7EA7FF0A2FC641043B0E648FEC64DFFABF9B
Number of Files:185
Content Size:628.74 MB
Created On:Jul 13, 2008



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File NameSize
Tracy Lawrence - The Coast Is Clear.mp37.24 MB
Mila Mason - Dark Horse.mp35.69 MB
Diamond Rio - Holdin'.mp35.12 MB
Kathy Mattea - Love Travels.mp35.06 MB
Buffalo Club - If She Don't Love You.mp35.04 MB
Ricochet - Ease My Troubled Mind.mp34.95 MB
George Fox - Mustang Heart.mp34.85 MB
John Michael Montgomery - I Miss You A Little.mp34.82 MB
Kathy Mattea - 455 Rocket.mp34.76 MB
Blue Rodeo - It Could Happen To You.mp34.56 MB
Tim Mcgraw - Everywhere.mp34.44 MB
Leann Rimes - Unchained Melody.mp34.40 MB
Raybon Bros. - Butterfly Kisses.mp34.38 MB
Alabama - Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard.mp34.33 MB
Clint Black & Martina Mcbride - Still Holding On.mp34.27 MB
Amy Grant - Takes A Little Time.mp34.16 MB
Lonestar - You Walked In.mp34.16 MB
Travis Tritt-Shes Going Home With Me.mp34.15 MB
Travis Tritt - Shes Going Home With Me.mp34.15 MB
Michael Peterson - Lost In The Shuffle.MP34.14 MB
Blue Rodeo - Rose Colored Glasses.mp34.12 MB
Sons Of The Desert - Leaving October.mp34.10 MB
Billy Ray Cyrus - It's All The Same To Me.mp34.07 MB
Anita Cochran & Steve Wariner - What If I Said.mp34.06 MB
Burnin' Daylight - Say Yes.mp34.05 MB
Sammy Kershaw - You Are The Love Of My Life.mp34.00 MB
Patty Loveless - The Trouble With The Truth.mp34.00 MB
Alan Jackson - Between The Devil And Me.mp33.99 MB
Toby Keith - We Were In Love.mp33.97 MB
Blackhawk - Postmarked Birmingham.mp33.97 MB
Trisha Yearwood - Walkaway Joe.mp33.97 MB
Lila Mccann - I Wanna Fall In Love.mp33.96 MB
Brooks & Dunn - Why Would I Say Goodbye.mp33.95 MB
John Michael Montgomery - How Was I To Know.mp33.92 MB
David Kersh - Day In, Day Out [1996].mp33.90 MB
Don Williams - Maybe That's All it Takes.mp33.90 MB
Paul Brandt - Yeah.mp33.88 MB
Deana Carter - How Do I Get There.mp33.80 MB
Travis Tritt & Lari White - Helping Me Get Over You.mp33.79 MB
Reba Mcentire - What If Its You.mp33.78 MB
Diamond Rio - How Your Love Makes Me Feel.mp33.78 MB
Patty Loveless & George Jones - You Don't Seem To Miss Me.mp33.75 MB
Tanya Tucker - Little Things.mp33.71 MB
Trisha Yearwood - How Do I Live.mp33.70 MB
Beverley Mahood - Girl Out of the Ordinary.mp33.70 MB
Toby Keith With Sting - I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Cryin'.mp33.69 MB
Trace Adkins - This Ain't No Thinking Thing.mp33.69 MB
Alan Jackson - Who's Cheating Who.mp33.68 MB
Dwight Yoakam & Sheryl Crow - Baby Don't Go.mp33.67 MB
Reba McEntire - What If.mp33.67 MB
Reba Mcintire - What If.mp33.67 MB
Blackhawk - Hole In My Heart.mp33.66 MB
Sawyer Brown - This Night Won't Last Forever.mp33.63 MB
Alan Jackson - There Goes.mp33.62 MB
Clint Black - Something That We Do.mp33.62 MB
Sammy Kershaw - Honky Tonk America.mp33.62 MB
Joe Diffie - Somethin' Like This.mp33.59 MB
Lila Mccann - Down Came A Blackbird.mp33.58 MB
Dixie Chicks - I Can Love You Better.mp33.57 MB
Bryan White - One Small Miracle.mp33.56 MB
George Strait - Carrying Your Love With Me.mp33.54 MB
David Kersh - Another You.mp33.54 MB
Sons Of The Desert - Hand Of Fate.mp33.53 MB
George Strait - One Night At A Time.mp33.52 MB
Collin Raye - On The Verge.mp33.50 MB
Chelly Wright - Shut Up And Drive.mp33.49 MB
Lee Roy Parnell - You Cant Get There From Here.mp33.49 MB
Buffalo Club - Nothin' Less Than Love.mp33.48 MB
Lee Roy Parnell - Lucky Me, Lucky You.mp33.48 MB
Lee Ann Womack- Never Again, Again.mp33.47 MB
Lee Ann Womack - Never Again, Again.mp33.47 MB
Leann Rimes - On The Side Of Angels.mp33.47 MB
Lee Roy Parnell - You Can't Get There From Here.mp33.47 MB
Alabama - Sad Lookin' Moon.mp33.46 MB
Chely Wright - I Already Do.mp33.46 MB
Mark Chestnut - Let It Rain.mp33.45 MB
Faith Hill & Tim Mcgraw - It's Your Love.mp33.44 MB
Alabama - Of Course I'm Alright.mp33.44 MB
Collin Raye - What The Heart Wants.mp33.43 MB
Trisha Yearwood - I Need You.mp33.42 MB
Aaron Tippin - That's What Happens When I Hold You.mp33.41 MB
Kenny Chesney - A Chance.mp33.41 MB
Reba Mcentire - How Was I To Know.mp33.40 MB
Bill Engvall & Travis Tritt - Here's Your Sign.mp33.40 MB
Clint Black - You Don't Need Me Now.mp33.39 MB
Trisha Yearwood - Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (with Garth Brooks).mp33.39 MB
Lonestar - Come Crying To Me.mp33.38 MB
Lari White & Hal Ketchum - That's How You Know (When You're in Love).mp33.38 MB
Ty Herndon - Loved Too Much.mp33.37 MB
The Kinleys - Please.mp33.35 MB
Michelle Wright - One Good Man.mp33.34 MB
Kenny Chesney - When I Close My Eyes.mp33.33 MB
Tracy Lawrence - Better Man, Better Off.mp33.32 MB
Michael Peterson - From Here To Eternity.mp33.30 MB
Big House - Cold Outside.mp33.30 MB
Mark Wills - Places I've Never Been.mp33.29 MB
Martina Mcbride - Broken Wings.mp33.29 MB
Charlie Major - You Can Trust In My Love.mp33.29 MB
Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood - In Anothers Eyes.mp33.28 MB
Jason Sellers - I'm Your Man.mp33.27 MB
Shania Twain - Love Gets Me Everytime.mp33.27 MB
Shania Twain - Don't Be Stupid.mp33.26 MB
Wade Hayes - The Day That She Left Tulsa.mp33.26 MB
Tim Mcgraw - Just To See You Smile.mp33.25 MB
Leanne Womack - Fool.mp33.25 MB
Neil Mccoy - Shake.mp33.25 MB
Tracy Lawrence - How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye.mp33.25 MB
John Micheal Montgomery - Angel In My Eyes.mp33.24 MB
Sherri Austin - Lucky In Love.mp33.23 MB
Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Want To Be Your Girlfriend.mp33.22 MB
Tracy Byrd - Don't Take Her She's All I've Got.mp33.19 MB
Paul Brandt - I Meant To Do That.mp33.19 MB
Reba Mcentire - I'd Rather Ride Around With You.mp33.19 MB
Diamond Rio - Imagine That.mp33.18 MB
Daryle Singletary - The Note.mp33.18 MB
Paul Brandt - Take It From Me.mp33.17 MB
Vince Gill - You And You Alone.mp33.17 MB
Neal Mccoy - If You Can't Be Good Be Good At It.mp33.15 MB
Beverley Mahood - A Little Thing Called Love.mp33.15 MB
Lorie Morgan - As Good As I Was To You.mp33.15 MB
Mark Chestnutt - Thank God For Believers.mp33.15 MB
Deana Carter - Count Me In.mp33.14 MB
Ty Herndon - I Have To Surrender.mp33.13 MB
John Anderson - Somebody Slap Me.mp33.13 MB
Trisha Yearwood - Thinkin' 'Bout You.mp33.11 MB
James Bonamy - The Swing.mp33.11 MB
Collin Raye - Little Red Rodeo.mp33.11 MB
Travis Tritt - Still In Love With You(1).mp33.09 MB
Tracy Byrd - Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine.mp33.09 MB
Kevin Sharp - She's Sure Taking It Well.mp33.07 MB
Leann Rimes - The Light In Your Eyes.mp33.05 MB
Pam Tillis - All The Good Ones Are Gone.mp33.00 MB
Bryan White - Love Is The Right Place.mp33.00 MB
George Strait - Today My World Slipped Away.mp32.97 MB
Deanna Carter - Did I Shave My Legs for This .mp32.97 MB
Deanna Carter - Did I Shave My Legs For This.mp32.97 MB
Brooks & Dunn - Honky Tonk Truth.mp32.96 MB
Deryl Dodd - That's How I Got To Memphis.mp32.96 MB
Sammy Kershaw - Fit To Be Tied Down.mp32.95 MB
Trace Adkins - For The Rest Of Mine.mp32.95 MB
Mindy McCready - What If I Do.mp32.95 MB
Collin Raye - In This Life.mp32.94 MB
Aaron Tippin - A Door.mp32.94 MB
Lonestar - Heartbroke Everyday.mp32.92 MB
Brooks & Dunn - He's Got You.mp32.92 MB
River Road - Nickajack.mp32.90 MB
Martina Mcbride - Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road.mp32.89 MB
Clay Walker - Watch This.mp32.89 MB
Wynona - When Love Starts Talkin.mp32.88 MB
Wynonna Judd - When Love Starts Talkin.mp32.88 MB
Trace Adkins - I Left Something Turned On At Home.mp32.88 MB
Clay Walker- Rumor Has It.mp32.87 MB
Clay Walker - Rumor Has It.mp32.87 MB
Bryan White - My Heart's Sitting On Go.mp32.87 MB
Alan Jackson - Everything I Love.mp32.87 MB
Vince Gill - A Little More Love.mp32.87 MB
Terri Clark - Emotional Girl.mp32.86 MB
Clay Walker - One, Two, I Love You.mp32.86 MB
Pam Tillis - Land Of The Living.mp32.85 MB
Julian Austin - Little Ol' Kisses.mp32.84 MB
John Berry - I Will, If You Will.mp32.82 MB
John Berry - I Will, If You Will.mp32.82 MB
Patti Loveless - She Drew A Broken Heart.mp32.77 MB
Sons Of The Desert - Whatever Comes First.mp32.77 MB
Michael Peterson - Drink, Swear, Steal, And Lie.mp32.77 MB
Garth Brooks - Do What You Gotta Do.mp32.75 MB
Billy Yates - Flowers.mp32.74 MB
Deana Carter - We Danced Anyway.mp32.71 MB
Jason McCoy - A Little Bit of You.mp32.70 MB
Sawyer Brown - Six Days On The Road.mp32.67 MB
Neal Mccoy - That Woman Of Mine.mp32.67 MB
David Lee Murphy - All Lit Up In Love.mp32.65 MB
Ricochet - Blink Of An Eye.mp32.63 MB
Lorrie Morgan - Go Away.mp32.61 MB
Joe Diffie - This Is Your Brain.mp32.50 MB
Rick Trevino - I Only Get This Way With You.mp32.49 MB
Tammy Graham - A Dozen Red Roses.mp32.45 MB
Chely Wright - Just Another Heartache.mp32.45 MB
Mindy Mccready - A Girl's Gotta Do (What A Girl's Gotta Do).mp32.43 MB
Sherrie Austin - Put Your Heart Into It.mp32.38 MB
Duane Steele - Tell The Girl.mp32.38 MB
Kevin Sharp - If You Love Somebody.mp32.34 MB
Ricochet - He Left A Lot To Be Desired.mp32.25 MB
Garth Brooks - Longneck Bottle.mp32.09 MB
Leeann Womack - You've Got To Talk To Me.wav614.52 KB