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Details for torrent: Sachisuke Masumura

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Torrent Hash1:A202F3BDD224FAC35D8A4CC095BA34BEA51515DC
Number of Files:144
Content Size:41.01 MB
Created On:Nov 12, 2008



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File NameSize
"My sides hurt...".jpg230.13 KB
"Wooden" maiden.jpg580.03 KB
Abdomen severed (crawling).jpg235.32 KB
Abdomen severed.jpg333.88 KB
About to be hung.jpg56.56 KB
Archery.jpg439.62 KB
Automated seppuku machine.jpg68.61 KB
Automated slaughterhouse.jpg127.41 KB
Back-arching circular saw.jpg239.88 KB
Ball toss.jpg164.83 KB
Beheading with an axe.jpg393.32 KB
Body decorations.jpg341.65 KB
Boiled in oil.jpg71.63 KB
Boiling in an iron kettle.png1.26 MB
Boob branding.jpg146.39 KB
Buried alive.png693.24 KB
Burning at the stake.png1.11 MB
Burning crucifixion.jpg309.74 KB
Butt guillotine.jpg262.22 KB
Chastity belt.jpg159.99 KB
Circular saw guillotine.jpg328.72 KB
Circular saw to the lower back.jpg368.28 KB
Circular saw torture.jpg181.00 KB
Cross-impaled.jpg245.17 KB
Crush the wrists.jpg127.48 KB
Crushing legs.jpg237.17 KB
Cut body in half.jpg229.95 KB
Cut in half on an X cross.jpg224.80 KB
Cut off limbs.jpg418.38 KB
Decapitation with circular saw.jpg1,022.78 KB
Dog food.jpg362.74 KB
Don't pull the rope (guillotine).jpg177.59 KB
Double-pronged spear 1.jpg70.68 KB
Double-pronged spear 2.jpg96.51 KB
Dunk in water.jpg342.92 KB
Electric chair.jpg167.84 KB
Electrocution.jpg132.83 KB
Empty body 1.jpg103.54 KB
Empty body 2.jpg74.71 KB
Empty body 3.jpg132.19 KB
Expanding pear.png1.02 MB
Finish with the circular saw.jpg267.82 KB
Four-limb severing system.jpg232.25 KB
Generic crucifixion.jpg46.93 KB
Generic torture devices.jpg353.74 KB
Guts falling out.jpg61.12 KB
Hand-cuffs.jpg321.39 KB
Hang the thorax.jpg172.67 KB
Hanging.jpg454.24 KB
Happy New Year!.jpg286.95 KB
Heart-impaling cross.jpg75.31 KB
Impaled through the throat 1.jpg110.52 KB
Impaled through the throat 2.jpg68.99 KB
Impaled through the throat 3.jpg224.53 KB
Innovative crucifixion 2.jpg350.42 KB
Innovative crucifixion.jpg259.90 KB
Innovative gallows.jpg27.48 KB
Judas Cradle.png1.07 MB
Lateral guillotine.jpg115.74 KB
Lethal injection.png1.26 MB
Lift out the guts.jpg113.33 KB
Lingchi (death by a thousand cuts).jpg440.49 KB
Lowed into boiling water.jpg196.19 KB
Lowered onto pyramid spike.jpg224.18 KB
Lowered onto skewers.jpg168.46 KB
Mangled body.jpg274.35 KB
Meat grinder.jpg132.58 KB
Mega-endoscope.jpg178.89 KB
Merry Xmas.png1.46 MB
Mid-dissection.jpg164.79 KB
Neurosurgery.jpg115.18 KB
Nullification 1.jpg212.42 KB
Nullification 2.jpg581.79 KB
Nullification 3.jpg428.60 KB
One more to go.jpg130.47 KB
Open heart surgery.jpg73.98 KB
Painful decapitation.jpg87.33 KB
Pillory.jpg155.42 KB
Plastic bag.jpg117.23 KB
Preserved in plastic.jpg824.29 KB
Prometheus' torture.jpg210.71 KB
Pull out guts.jpg200.73 KB
Pulling out more guts.jpg279.76 KB
Pulling out the intestines.jpg251.14 KB
Quadruple-amputee storage.jpg201.52 KB
Quartering.jpg174.61 KB
Remove the head.jpg190.87 KB
Reverse drinking.jpg181.28 KB
Reversed guillotine.jpg99.75 KB
Rope crucifixion.jpg542.99 KB
Ropes through wrists.jpg136.58 KB
Seppuku 1.jpg162.22 KB
Seppuku 2.jpg61.85 KB
Shackles.jpg186.48 KB
Shredder.jpg188.71 KB
Side-ways guillotine.jpg208.92 KB
Simple confinement.jpg336.81 KB
Spread-eagle.jpg238.72 KB
Stretch rack.png975.25 KB
Swinging saw.jpg246.97 KB
Table-severing circular saw.jpg178.17 KB
Teardrop suspension (Surugadoi) 1.jpg523.19 KB
Teardrop suspension (Surugadoi) 2.jpg86.32 KB
Triangle-shaped wodden horse.png1.07 MB
Tug o' war.pg170.25 KB
Upside-down crucifixion.jpg203.68 KB
Vertical impalement.jpg234.02 KB
Vivisection.jpg101.77 KB
Vore.png734.28 KB
Water torture chair.png718.72 KB
Water-drinking torture.jpg533.28 KB
Whipping.jpg160.39 KB
Body Cutting Show239.37 KB
Body Cutting Show133.90 KB
Body Cutting Show216.57 KB
Body Cutting Show178.16 KB
Body Cutting Show224.03 KB
Body Cutting Show227.58 KB
Body Cutting Show234.81 KB
Body Cutting Show226.50 KB
Body Cutting Show238.70 KB
Body Cutting Show184.49 KB
Body Cutting Show211.64 KB
Chain through gut211.88 KB
Chain through gut226.08 KB
Chain through gut195.41 KB
Preserve in formaldehyde307.77 KB
Preserve in formaldehyde291.61 KB
Preserve in formaldehyde120.87 KB
Preserve in plastic204.62 KB
Preserve in plastic214.28 KB
Preserve in plastic110.24 KB
Preserve in plastic105.83 KB
Preserve in plastic263.35 KB
Roman crucifixion172.88 KB
Roman crucifixion261.24 KB
Roman crucifixion302.48 KB
Roman crucifixion278.93 KB
Vivisection225.09 KB
Vivisection226.08 KB
Vivisection218.32 KB
Vivisection234.97 KB
Vivisection161.64 KB
Vivisection208.35 KB